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What Is "MaJeLiv?"

Our story’s foundation is simple: 

We live to shine God's light through our work and creativity. Thanks to the grace of God we have discovered that aside from our first love of family, we love being creative together and want to share it with others.  

We are the MaJeliv family and enjoy going on adventures, watching movies, writing stories, dancing, and expressing ourselves creatively.

“MaJeliv” which stands for “Making Jesus' Light Visible.” 

As a family of 5 we work together to build our dreams and we hope to shine our light through our lives. 


An Actor's Life for Me

 Acting is one of our main focuses as a family. Not only is my husband (Jose) a full time actor in Television, Movies, Commercials, and stage plays, but he also spends a big portion of the year teaching acting to kids from elementary to high school. Our kids have also gravitated towards the acting path and are enjoying the journey.  

From the time our kids were babies, we always found opportunities to play games of imagination and pretend. Let's just say telling stories and bringing them to life is one of our favorite things to do.  Acting and writing allows us to do just that.

 We offer private coaching and audition taping services.  

If you live in the East Cobb, Georgia area; contact us!


Telling our Story

The Majeliv Family has a shared passion for writing.  I (Jenny) have always enjoyed browsing through book stores and libraries; sometimes, even a little obsessively.  We love telling stories, which is why we love movies so much.  

Click on this link to read some of our upcoming blogs.  

We will be sharing about family, film, faith, and other topics that we feel called to create.  Please share your feedback with us.  

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Jose Miguel Vasquez- Dramatic Reel

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Jose Miguel Vasquez- Comedic Reel

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