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About Director


Jose Miguel Vasquez

Jose Miguel Vasquez

Jose Miguel Vasquez


He has been a professional Actor since 2008. It all began in Orlando, FL at Arts Sake Acting studio where he studied under the instruction of Yvonne Suhor. He expanded his skill at Class Act Studios under the instruction of Lauren O'Quinn. His Teaching Artist career began in 2009 with the Orlando Repertory Theatre. Ever since moving to Atlanta in 2014 he has enjoyed expanding on his work on stage and on screen. He currently also teaches and directs at the Alliance Theatre for their youth program.


Teaching Philosophy

Jose Miguel Vasquez

Jose Miguel Vasquez

When asked how he likes to run his classes...

"I like my classes to feel like a safe creative space, where the kids can play in a fun, workshop environment. My job is to guide their discovery by increasing their creative awareness."

One of his deepest joys is teaching and empowering young actors to discover their own creative power. He currently mentors his own kids, who have also been in the business since moving to Atlanta. Today he focuses on mastering the craft of acting and deepening his understanding of the entertainment industry. He hopes to continue to serve his community by sharing the knowledge he’s gained in order to leave a lasting legacy.  



Jose Miguel Vasquez


Jose Miguel Vasquez has worked on a wide variety of regional and national commercials for clients like Publix, ICYHOT, Cooper Tires, NAPA, Georgia Power, Florida Hospital, Avadian Credit Union and more...

His TV/Film credits began with the TV show Burn Notice in South Florida and grew into shows like The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Sleepy Hollow,  the movie Term Life starring Vince Vaughn and the 2019 film Brian Banks starring Aldis Hodge and Greg Kinnear. You can visit his IMDB to see what else he's been working on.


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