MaJeliv Family

Let your imagination soar!

As you can clearly see in our family videos and pictures; using our imaginations has been the most common family activity.  From very early on we have loved going to the movies, role playing scenes from favorite movies, having annual Oscar's parties, making our own short films, writing scripts, and so much more.  The more our kids grow the more they want to explore the possibilities of adventures they want to share.  Now we need to find the time to schedule script table reads, make shot lists, and plan a day of production and movie making fun.  Through our Youtube channel we have a platform to share in this journey with people all around the world.  

On Love and Family

This year we celebrate 15 years of marriage.  We have experienced many ups and downs.  As young parents trying to get through college with 3 babies and now parenting  2 preteens and a teenage driver in training, we want to bring to light some of the resources and details of how we are making this work and how we are holding this fort together.  We don't intend to pretend that we know it all, but we hope to encourage young families to persevere in this extremely difficult but definitely worthwhile journey called family life.  

Please visit our blogs below along with some new youtube videos all about family. 

I Hope You Dance

As a little girl, dancing was in my blood.  I danced as a little girl and could not find anything I enjoyed more than moving to the rhythm of great music.  At the age of 13 I was invited to help Choreograph dances for Sweet 16 parties and weddings and from that moment I had the opportunity to Choreograph my own dances, start my own dance group for kids, and create routines for my high school dance club.   I began teaching little kids the Colombian Folklore dances I love so much.  Being a mom took me on a hiatus from this part of my life, but now I have begun to practice it again.  My kids have been my students on a few occasions and now I will begin to bring that back to our Georgia Community.